One Stop Shopping Could Cost You

One Stop Shopping Could Cost You

We all know that one-stop shopping saves time and money when we need a bunch of household items. We’re more likely to go to Costco or Home Depot than drive all over town to different stores.

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The Facts About Revenue Sharing

Sometimes revenue sharing is referred to as “hidden fees”, other times “indirect payments.”

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How Our Open Architecture Can Benefit You

A recent study shows that most employers and employees are unaware of the hidden fees and expenses buried in their retirement plan

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SmartPlan Usability

When it comes to retirement, the two most important things you can do are to actually enroll in a plan, and prepare for retirement based on your needs

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SmartPlan Confidence

When it comes to retirement planning, knowing about what your retirement needs are, what you need to do to enroll, and what kind of contribution to set

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SmartPlan Is Exactly What Your TPA Firm Needs

Over the past several years, the financial services industry has experienced a wave of innovation. Unfortunately, even with recent advancements in technology there is still a large gap to fill in employee retirement education.