Retirement Plan Design, Compliance and Administration
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Retirement Plan Design, Compliance and Administration

Partnering with PlanPerfect means partnering with a leading third party administrator (TPA) in the retirement plan industry who works in your best interest. As highly experienced plan administrators and actuaries, we are your resource for plan design, compliance, administration and recordkeeping of your company retirement plan.

Plan Design Process

PlanPerfect’s plan design process begins by listening to you and your company’s needs. Are you in a high-growth period, possibly expanding to new states, or gearing up (or down) to restructure the organization’s leadership? This matters when creating the best plan design possible for your company. After careful review and consideration of your needs and review of current rules and regulations – with an ear on potential future legal changes — we craft a retirement plan design that works for you. Once we all agree that it meets your business objectives, we create the Plan Document, Trust and request a trust identification number from the Internal Revenue Service.

Plan Administration and Compliance Services at a Glance

Plan compliance and administration are critical parts of a successful retirement plan. Once the design aka “foundation” is in place, our job as TPA’s is just getting started. Annually, we request information from you and find out if there have been changes within your company that can influence the effectiveness of your company’s retirement plan. This consistent monitoring is why having an ERISA specialist on your team is important to ensure that opportunities are not missed.

Services Provided Annually

  • Census Request
  • Determination of Eligible Participants
  • Payroll: W2 / K1 Analysis
  • Non-discrimination Testing
  • Top Heavy Analysis
  • Contribution Calculations
  • Plan Valuations
  • Trust Accounting / Reconciliation
  • Summary Annual Reports
  • Preparation of Individual Participant Statements
  • Signature Ready Government Form 5500 SF / EZ

Defined Benefit Plans
/ Actuarial Services

  • Preparation & Signed Schedule SB
  • Actuarial Contribution Calculations
  • PBGC Filing
  • AFTAP Certification

Plan Takeover Services

Having a TPA team on your side while terminating a plan is important to ensure that the plan is able to transition smoothly with no legal or logistical hiccups. Our termination services include:

PlanPerfect | Third Party Administrator for Business Retirement Plans

Legal documents and resolutions to successfully terminate the plan

PlanPerfect | Third Party Administrator for Business Retirement Plans

Final Plan administration includes FINAL Form 5500SF or EZ and final valuation of participants’ plan interests necessary to determine pay out benefits. Once all plan assets are distributed from the trust, final returns are filed.