Over the past several years, the financial services industry has experienced a wave of innovation. Unfortunately, even with recent advancements in technology there is still a large gap to fill in employee retirement education.

While speaking with employees, they often share their confusion about retirement options, like their 401(k) plans. Having little insight into how their plans work, many never opt-in to begin saving for their future. This can have a significant impact for all parties – the employee, employer, plan advisor and the third party administrator (TPA).

With SmartPlan by vWise, plan specifics are communicated through an engaging educational process in an easy-to-understand format, increasing confidence to make key plan decisions. That’s why at PlanPerfect we’ve decided to move all of our 401(k) plans to SmartPlan. It’s a solution that is unparalleled in terms of ease-of-use and customer service for TPA firms and plan advisors alike.

Plan for a Better Retirement with PlanPerfect & SmartPlan

Whether you’re a business looking to improve retirement plan enrollment and participation, or you’re looking for help making the best financial decisions for your future, consider PlanPerfect and SmartPlan interactive retirement enrollment and education platform. Watch our video and contact us to learn more.

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