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When it comes to retirement, the two most important things you can do are to actually enroll in a plan, and prepare for retirement based on your needs. Unfortunately, businesses spend billions of dollars and waste time with countless education & enrollment meetings, yet have failed to increase the rates that people actually participate in their retirement enrollment or select contribution levels that may fit their needs more effectively. Why is this the case? Maybe because the retirement process is too complicated & difficult to understand and needs to be simplified.

At PlanPerfect, we have the solution that will make the entire process of retirement education and enrollment simple. That solution is SmartPlan; a proprietary online application that functions as a comprehensive guide for employees that will help them build their perfect retirement plan that is now available through PlanPerfect. Using interactive multimedia, SmartPlan gives users access to education resources and the ability to customize their plans right from the platform, putting everything they need in once place.

The Test: Users Hands-On With SmartPlan

The only way to see if SmartPlan actually makes the retirement process easier was to put it in the hands of actual people and see how they feel about the platform. We conducted tests to see how users interact with the platform to see if accomplished the goal of guiding users through the retirement process, beginning to end. We measured the platform and interaction based on 4 main usability dimensions:

  • Usefulness – Were the features and the information beneficial to users?
  • Ease of Use – Was the platform easy to understand, use, and navigate?
  • Satisfaction – Were users happy with the features & outcome of their education & enrollment?
  • Video Effectiveness – Were the videos effective in educating and guiding users through the retirement process?

We conducted two separate tests, one with a general group of people, and one with a targeted group of people that had access to a workplace retirement plan. The goal was to measure the usability of SmartPlan as a whole, and the usability for those who are or will be plan participants.

SmartPlan Means UX Score In Key Usability Dimensions

User Summary

As we can see, not only did SmartPlan receive positive feedback from the users from the general audience, but it also receive an extremely positive response from the targeted plan participant group. Also, 9 out of 10 users said that SmartPlan helped them be more retirement ready.

SmartPlan Resources

Experience The Ease of SmartPlan Today!

SmartPlan was designed to be the all-in-one resources for retirement education and enrollment. Whether you’re an organization looking to improve the retirement experience for your employees, or if you’re just looking for an easier way to plan for your own retirement, PlanPerfect has exactly what you’re looking for with SmartPlan. Just contact us to learn more about everything SmartPlan & PlanPerfect has to offer you today!

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