SmartPlan: Interactive Retirement Enrollment & Education

As an industry leader in corporate retirement planning, PlanPerfect is proud to offer SmartPlan; a new retirement platform designed to make it easier to enroll and educate your employees on your company’s retirement plan, so they can start on the path to a better, brighter future.

SmartPlan allows your employees log in to an interactive retirement platform where they can receive educational sessions and manage their plans anytime and anywhere. The platform is full of engaging resources and personalized tools that make it simple for your employees to understand their plan and customize it based on their needs.

The 5 Simple Steps Towards Retirement

Everything is broken down into 5 simple steps for you employees to become informed and make important decisions about their retirement plans.

  1. Plan Basics – This first step outlines how your company’s retirement plan works, what investment options are available, and any plan specific options that they need to consider.
  2. Estimating Retirement Needs – The second step is gauge your employees needs, see how big of a role their plan will play in their retirement, and see how much they should be putting away to save each month.
  3. Matching Investment Options – The third step is to conduct a risk analysis based on their personal financial situation and see which investment options fit most appropriately.
  4. Selecting Investments – Based on the analysis and breakdown in steps 2 and 3, it’s now time for your employees to select their investments from your plan’s fund lineup. SmartPlan makes selecting funds clear and simple.
  5. Choose Contribution Amount – Your employees will use a simple slider tool to increase or decrease their investment. As they move the slider, it will also visualize how much their investment will affect their long term savings.

Once all of those steps are complete, your employees will be able to review and finalize their selections. After they finish their SmartPlan session, they will receive a full record of their entire visit, from their employee education sessions, investment choices, or deferral elections. This makes it easy for them to go back and see the changes & choices that they made during that last session.

Benefits To SmartPlan

SmartPlan is designed to be simple for your employees, so you can help them become more retirement ready with your company. In addition, the platform helps you meet your fiduciary responsibilities with detailed recordkeeping. Here’s a quick list that outlines the main benefits of the SmartPlan retirement platform:

  • Interactive enrollment education for new existing plan participants.
  • Simple 5-Step enrollment & plan customization process
  • Available 24/7, anytime and anywhere
  • No additional tools required from your HR department or Administrative staff
  • Complete record keeping of employee activity for fiduciaries

SmartPlan Resources

Get the details you need about the usability and effectiveness of SmartPlan in these downloadable PDFs.

Get Started with PlanPerfect & SmartPlan

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