Your Trusted Third Party Administrator

Specializing in 401k, Profit Sharing, & Defined Benefit Pension Plans

PlanPerfect's creative solutions exceed basic IRA, SEP, and SIMPLE designs to provide our clients with higher tax-savings potential using a combination of 401k, Profit Sharing and Defined Benefit Pension Plans.

Calculate Your Maximum Contribution

The tool below allows you to explore various retirement plan contribution limits. Defined Benefit Pension and Profit Sharing plan contributions are considered some of the most significant tax deductions available since they reduce both taxable income and adjusted gross income.

The Perfect Retirement Plans For Your Business

We’re your trusted partner and 401K third party administrator in corporate retirement planning.

As a third-party administrator for small to medium-size businesses, we help our clients succeed with innovative retirement plans that maximize tax deductions and minimize potential problems. Our partners (CPAs, financial advisers, business managers and business owners) benefit from our expert team of retirement plan professionals who treat each plan uniquely according to our clients’ business goals, while ensuring that each plan design is as simple, collaborative, and cost-efficient as possible.

Crafting The Perfect Retirement Plans For Your Business

We are a Third Party Administrator (TPA) that works with all types of industries, providing expert retirement plan design, compliance, administration and record-keeping services. Our partners (CPAs, business managers, owners and financial advisers,) work with us, we believe, because we solve problems, answer questions, and offer creative solutions that provide higher tax-savings potential through the use of Defined Benefit Pension, Profit Sharing, Money Purchase and Safe Harbor 401k Plans.

Customized Retirement Plan Design


Compliance, Administration & Investment Record Keeping


Mutual Fund Review & Expense Analysis


Custom Retirement Plans to Grow Small-To-Medium-Businesses


For Employers

Custom Defined Benefit Pension, profit sharing, 401(k) and 403(b) plans.


For Financial Professionals

Whether you’re a CPA, financial planner, or investment advisor (fee or commission-based), we work closely with you to create significant tax deductions and wealth accumulation vehicles for your clients.