Case Study: Sole Proprietor
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A successful attorney in private practice with no employees was looking for ways to reduce his tax burden and increase his contributions to his 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan (the “Plan”) but was unable to do so with the current Plan design.


The attorney had Schedule C income of $445,000 and took $120,000 in compensation. He was only utilizing the 401(k) portion of the Plan. We needed to find out if he could adjust his compensation up, contribute to the Profit Sharing side of the Plan and see if he was open to adding on a Defined Benefit Pension Plan (“DB”).

Retirement Plan Design – Adding on the Big “DB”

At age 64, this attorney was an excellent candidate for a DB. We worked with the CPA to increase his compensation and restructured the existing Plan.


This two-sided plan design – a DB plus the 401(k) Profit Sharing allowed the attorney to go from a contribution / deduction of $24,000 (401(k)) to a massive tax deduction of $248,522 and superfund his retirement account expanding his future retirement distributions.

  • DB contribution: $212,092
  • Profit Sharing (6%): $12,430
  • 401(k): $24,000

Total tax deduction: $248,522

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