Get maximum investment flexibility, control, and choice

Open Architecture plans are the ideal solution for employers who want the freedom to customize their 401(k) or other retirement plan with the investment choices and features they desire.

With this platform, any type of defined contribution plan can be matched to any grouping of investment options, including company stock and self-directed brokerage accounts. The result is greater investment choice and control, tailored to your financial objectives.

Open Architecture 401(k) plans combine expanded investment choices and options that offer:

  • More than 6,000 mutual funds representing 14,000 share classes from more than 430 fund families. Brokerage Windows are also available
  • Complete mutual fund independence with NO proprietary investment requirements
  • Complete fee transparency
  • Dedicated client service professional
  • Complete 401(k) Administration, Compliance Testing and Tax Reporting
  • On-demand reports and statements. Secure website access to reports and participant statements that can be viewed online or downloaded
  • Daily processing of all plan and participant transactions, including contributions, distributions, trades, and loans
  • Independent investment advisors to help the plan sponsor implement or update an investment policy statement to ensure compliance with 404c safe-harbor guidelines
  • Expense credits available

We deliver a customized Open Architecture platform to our clients through our partnerships with major financial institutions, including Charles Schwab & Co., Fidelity, and MG Trust.

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