Mutual Fund Review and Expense Analysis


Mutual Fund Review and Expense Analysismutual fund analysis

401(k) profit sharing plans not handled by a professional third party administrator (TPA) can work against the financial interest of you and your company. PlanPerfect, a leading third party administrator in the retirement plan industry, conducts a comprehensive review of all expenses associated with your 401(k) profit sharing plan. We uncover all direct and indirect fees paid by the plan. Examples of these fees include:

  • Mutual fund fees (12b-1 Fees, Shareholder Servicing Fees and Sub T-A Fees: collectively this is known as “Revenue Sharing”)
  • Group Annuity Wrap fees
  • Asset Management Charges
  • Float (earnings retained by a service provider)

Redirecting Revenue Sharing & Reducing Retirement Plan Fees

Revenue Sharing, also referred to as “expense credits”, can be redirected back to your retirement plan to help reduce the administration fees associated with it. After reviewing your plan with PlanPerfect, your investment advisor will propose a more efficient mutual fund lineup to:

  • Reduce administration fees
  • Lower investment expenses
  • Increase investment returns

With Your Company’s Best Interest In Mind

As an independent TPA, we don’t affiliate with mutual fund companies. As such, your investment advisor’s retirement plan recommendations are objective and transparent, guided solely by the financial interests of your company.

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